Complete Guidebook on God’s Green Crack Strain

Do you think Snoop Dogg has anything to do with its ancestry? Furthermore, despite what the name suggests, it is not a street high quality magic mushroom drug. God’s Green Crack, on the other hand, is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain that offers a glimpse into heaven when used.

Of course, when we say heaven, we’re referring to all the fantastic feelings one has while high on this plant is much better than shrooms. But be forewarned. If used extensively, God’s Green Crack has the potential to knock anyone out of their senses.

To make a long story short, God’s Green Crack is the product of the cross between green Crack and God Bud. Green Crack has been around for a long time. It was previously known as Green Crush or Crush. Snoop Dogg, a prominent rapper, later called this Sativa Hybrid Green Crack.

God Bud, on the other hand, is a high-potency Indica-dominant variety. However, one of its most notable characteristics is its ability to induce psychedelic effects. Jordan of the Islands combined God Bud with the Sativa-dominant Green Crack to tone it down. God’s Green Crack was born as a result of this connection.

God’s Green Crack Strain Effects

It is unavoidable. The first thing that comes to mind when God’s name is used in the name of a strain is heaven. To be honest, people desire to go to paradise but reject it. So the following best thing is to feel like you’re in heaven.

Unlike its origin, God Bud, God’s Green Crack provides a milder mental high while remaining potent. Cannabis magic mushroom enthusiasts will notice the effects of this strain crawling to the head after only a few minutes of use. Any bad feelings begin to vanish at that point. An overall sensation of happiness, on the other hand, enhances the mood. It continues to intensify so that the smoker feels cheerful and has a surge of energy.

The Indica genes in the strain begin to work their magic, as anticipated by the breeder. God’s Green Crack users feel calm for hours after balancing the effects of a cerebral high with a physical body high.


God’s Green Crack has an unmistakable spicy and pungent odor, as well as an earthy undertone with a grape combination. For the majority of cannabis users, the fragrance is delightfully pleasant. DJI can’t wait to get back to the house to smell the buds, as one user put it.


So we know God’s Green Crack smells delicious. The good news is that its scent permeates its flavor. As a bonus, the herbal undertone enriches the flavor and makes it taste unusual. In other words, if it smells nice, it will taste good.


If a generally healthy individual feels well after using God’s Green Crack, it must feel divine if it relieves pain. As a result, an increasing number of countries and governments are exploring legalizing marijuana use. People suffering from persistent aches or those caused by other conditions may find God’s Green Crack effective in pain relief.

Another prominent application for this mixture in the medical cannabis industry is to help treat depression and stress. Additionally, it may be effective in a few other mental health conditions.

Some people use the energy boost they get from applying the strain to help them deal with weariness. Finally, many people report feeling hungry after consuming God’s Green Crack. Anyone who has difficulty eating should find this strain beneficial.

Where to Buy God’s Strain

God’s Crack, sometimes known as God’s Green Crack, is a hybrid strain created by combining God Bud and Green Crack Sativa. It results from a cross between an Indica and a Sativa parent, giving it a great head and body effect. God’s Crack improves mood and relaxes muscles. It has a well-balanced impact. It boasts bright flowers and a woodsy, herbal perfume with traces of sage and eucalyptus, as well as biting citrus. When ripe, God’s Crack blooms a rich purple color. It has a THC content ranging from 19% to 25%.

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