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Nowadays, there is a heavy demand for high-quality hybrid cannabis which resulted in experimentation with new strains. And now most of these strains rule the commercial market today as hybrids. The plants originated from numerous different strains of cannabis that produce certain effects or features. This is a gist of what Hybrids are, and some basic reasons as to why they have become so famous all over the world.

What is hybrid weed?

Generally, cannabis exists in two forms either as a pure breed or as a hybrid, a mix of Indica and Sativa strains. But as the industry revolutionized both pure strains and existing hybrids are continually remixed and mixed. Then new plants that come into existence after mixing and remixing are called Hybrids.

Hybrids are just a man-made attempt to customize different plants with specific kinds of features usually found in Sativa, ruderalis, and indica strains. The hybrids which get bred successfully get the best qualities from their parents.

Here is a beginner’s guide to understanding where high-grade Hybrid marijuana comes from.

What kinds of Hybrid cannabis strains are there?

  • Indica x indica: In this two different Indica varieties are bred together
  • Sativa x Sativa: In these two different varieties are bred together
  • Sativa x Indica: This type of strain has Sativa dominant characteristics. But it also has a good share of indica. In appearance, it will look like a tall plant with purple buds.
  • Indica x Sativa: In this type both the characteristics of Sativa and indica are mostly equally divided. But indica is a little dominant.

Breeding New Cannabis  Strains

The breeding process of any plant has the same basic process. And cannabis is no different. The process includes a female plant pollinating with the male pollen for most plants this happens naturally. But in creating the best quality hybrid strain, breeders engage in selective breeding in a very controlled and closed environment. In simple words, they pick a female plant of their choice and male pollen to produce certain features from them.

Then the seeds that are germinated through this process will be the first of the hybrid generation of male and female parents. Now those with the desired features will be bred again. And once these features are produced breeders cube the strain. In simple words, the breeder will breed a child hybrid with a parent strain so that it can reinforce the characteristics. This process is repeated across three-generation so that they can stabilize the characteristics.

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